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Maine Coon

One of the most amazing and mysterious breeds is considered the Maine Coon – an affectionate giant with a serious look. These creatures are called “house lynxes”, which is not surprising, because they are one of the largest domestic cats.

Scottish Lop

The world over this breed is called “Scottish Fold”, but we’re more accustomed to calling these cute cats “Scottish lop-eared. Their “cute” appearance will not leave anyone indifferent – is a creature you immediately want to take in your arms and cuddle.

British Shorthairs

Millions of people all over the world can’t imagine their existence without these “plush” lumps of happiness. These aristocratic, friendly, charismatic and very clean-cut pets have long been one of the most popular cat breeds in the world.

Bengal cat

Bengal cats are incredibly beautiful animals, which combine the spectacular appearance of wild predators and compliant nature of pets. Well, the main “chip” of these creatures is the “leopard color”, for which they are called “pet leopards”.

Siamese cat

Siamese are graceful oriental beauties and beauties (who managed to keep their origins almost intact) are distinguished by special grace, temperament and a certain diminutiveness.

Abyssinian cat

Among the many breeds there is one endowed with incredible grace and grace – it’s Abyssinian cat – a creature of intelligence, flexibility and agility. There is a certain mystery and special sophistication in it, and its appearance is called “divine”.

Russian Blue

This breed is noted for its special silvery blue color and piercing green eyes. Russian blue cats are “real noblewomen”. They are graceful and enigmatic creatures that delight their owners with their playful but obedient natures.

Siberian cat

Siberian cats are considered to be the real Russian beauties because of their expressive eyes, chic “fur coat” and friendly nature. They have long ago won the hearts of many cat lovers… a very long time ago – the first mentions of them are found in the XVI century.

Short-haired Oriental

Oriental cat, at first sight, is impressed by its ears (compared to the body and head, they seem just huge). It is a wonderful friend and should not be betrayed (the cat will not understand if you give it to another person).

Neva Masquerade

Charming Siberian cats of Siamese color, chic hypoallergenic fur coat and easygoing temperament – the pride of Russian felinologists from Neva banks… Dmitry Medvedev got for himself a kitten of this very breed, and Vladimir Putin presented such a cat to Japanese prime minister.


This is an absolutely amazing cat breed, similar to a “mini cheetah”. In addition, one of the most expensive in the world, the reason for this is the unique appearance and small number (to date, these cats only about a thousand).

Cornish Rex

his breed is for cat lovers with an unusual appearance – curly hair and long ears make them look like a “fantastic creature”. In addition, these animals are diplomatic and do not show aggression (to people or dogs).

Burmese Cats

If you need a beautiful, loyal and friendly cat that can make friends with children – get a burma… Moreover, with proper care these animals can live with their owners for up to 17 years.

Canadian “sphinxes”

Representatives of this breed – “miracle of nature”: there is really something mysterious and fascinating in them. They are also called “bald cats” – the appearance of which not everyone likes, but there is a positive point – they never molt.

Persian Cat

“Persians are one of the most popular breeds in the world for many decades, they are leaders in all shows and ratings, and one of the most famous breeds with a mysterious history, exotic appearance and a quiet disposition.

Thai Cat

At first sight the Thai cat can be easily confused with its Siamese “sister”, because of the very similar color. But in fact they are different breeds, which are noticeably different in appearance as well as in character.


If you see a big cat with a fluffy tail, you’re probably looking at a Ragdoll. When you take the cat in your arms – he will relax his muscles, and hang down “like a rag” (this is not a disease or paralysis, but a characteristic of the breed).

Norwegian Forest

This breed looks like “little lynxes”, which is not surprising – after all, “Norwegians” are descended from wild cats. These are hardy animals with unique qualities: agility and ability to adapt to very severe conditions.

Exotic Shorthair

Cats usually do not like to travel, but with an “exot Persian” you can go on trips at least every day – this breed is attached to its owner, not to home. The animal looks like a “plush toy” – it has a short, thick and silky coat.

The Kuril Bobtail

Short-tailed pets from the Kurils look like lynxes, the jumping ability reminds of hares, and the loyalty – of dogs. In character, they are gentle purring creatures, who are true friends to their owners.


These cats resemble a bobcat or a miniature leopard, the ocelot, in their appearance. They are sociable and attached to all members of the family. But the character is very independent: if the animal is caressed against its will – it can become aggressive.

Tonkin cat

The Tonkin cat can be called a “family psychotherapist”: it senses the owners’ mood and always seeks to smooth out nascent conflicts. The breed has taken all the best qualities from genetic lines of its ancestors: Burma and Siamese.

Turkish Angora

Angora cats are very active and active (some representatives of this breed even gladly swim in the warm river or lake) … Together with all these qualities, the animal is also very beautiful and graceful.

American Bobtail

A cat that outwardly resembles a lynx, but with a peaceful nature is the American Bobtail. The ancestors of this breed were wild cats, and breeders had to work hard – to preserve the natural appearance and instill a peaceful disposition.

Burmese cat

“The Sacred Burma is a rare and very expensive breed. Its unusual appearance and peaceful nature will make it a family favorite. But do not be in a hurry to buy a kitten – if you’re not sure that you can provide the pet good care and special diet.

American Shorthair

If you don’t just want a “cute toy pet”, but an animal with a strong independent character, choose the American Shorthair breed. These cats are great rodent hunters and, moreover, very unpretentious.


The munchkin is a cat that attracts attention with its unusual appearance. This breed is very popular among cat breeders, because it has a meek, docile and very “pliable” nature. Yes, what to be modest – they are just “charming”! And this is what they like their owners.

Japanese Bobtail

In Japan, Japanese Bobtails are considered a symbol of good luck. According to ancient beliefs of the country, all the bad things in the world accumulate in the tails of this breed. And the shorter the tail of the Japanese Bobtail the less bad things are in it and the more lucky its owner.

British Longhairs

What could be cooler than the perfect cat? – “two perfect cats in one”: long-haired “Britons” who embody the beauty and grace of “Persians” with the aristocratic temperament and good health of short-haired “Britons”.


These are true “English Aristocrats” with a refined appearance, high intelligence, and an easy-going nature. They came into the world relatively recently, but have already managed to get recognition in many countries of the world.

Information on other cat breeds is in preparation.

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